Thursday, May 23, 2013

Inspiration dress while celebrating Christmas

Choosing the right clothes for Christmas is sometimes risky. Christmas is usually worn clothing should be worn to attend Mass in the church, to dinner family photo. Therefore, consider some rules when wearing Christmas following:

1. Basic Rules Apply Mode
Definitely dress codes such as horizontal lines add volume or black is a slimming color, you already know, is not it? So make sure you choose the right motive, and clothing colors that make your skin brighter.

2. Create a Statement
Fashion accessory is an item which can make appearance look more glamorous and 'statement'. To show this Christmas, you can choose the layer style necklace or chandelier earrings. But make sure you do not wear excessively. If you wear glasses, avoid wearing large earrings and hanging. Enough choose a great accessory, and let the people's attention was focused on accessories.

3. As simple as it may appear
Synonymous with Christmas red, green and metallic, but that does not mean you use all the colors in one appearance. Christmas should select a color, then match with a neutral palette or color preferences. For example, combine green pants with navy blue blouse.

4. prioritize Leisure
When gathering with friends, usually a lot of activities to be carried out. Ranging from cooking together, to play video games with his nephew. Glamorous fashion wear for Christmas is certainly not forbidden, but you need to remember that the true meaning of Christmas is hanging out with people nearby and have fun.